Summer Wedding Location Ideas

Though summer weddings in Arizona might be few between, it’s by far the most popular season for weddings throughout the country. As the weather and longer days make for comfortable, enjoyable and aesthetically-beautiful events.

Here in Arizona, you have to get a bit creative if you choose to have a summer wedding, but there are a few things that you can do to trick the mind into thinking you’re feeling the cool breeze of the beach, or the refreshing shade of a garden.

Here are our top location ideas to hold your summer wedding…

{Waterside} Perhaps the most popular summer wedding theme is the beach. Nothing says summer as much as the sand, waves and sea air. Wedding ceremonies can be held on the beach itself, or at a venue overlooking a lake, pond or other body of water. And reception centerpieces can reflect a beach-like feeling through the use of seashell, sand and palm trees. 

{Garden} Picturesque gardens, designed to house outdoor events, provide a perfect setting for a wedding ceremony. Professional landscaping, flower beds, manicured walking paths and sweeping shade trees supply a solemn air to weddings and receptions. Brightly colored flowers, greenery, gazebos and vines can be used in your theme to highlight your garden venue.

Image by NVS Photography

Image by NVS Photography

{Summer Evening} Because days last longer during the summer, an evening ceremony can be scheduled to take place at dusk. Candlelight, vintage props and centerpieces, intricate lace and filigree designs can add a classy, formal feel to an evening wedding. Lighting is easier to control at night, so summer evening weddings offer photo opportunities that are impossible at daytime events such as hanging lanterns and oil lamps.

{Whimsical Theme} The inclusion of fairy tale, circus, children's fantasies and other such elements into a wedding theme can make for a fun, free-spirited event. Ice cream and cotton candy-like design themes, bright circus colors and calliope music can spice up an ordinary wedding reception to make for a truly memorable and unique event.

{Church Wedding} Even though your church wedding is indoors, the stunning architecture, stain glass windows and sculptures will be lovely backdrops for photos. Plus, it's the best way to keep the summer heat at bay. 

The warm and inviting summer season provides an endless range of possibilities for striking, memorable weddings. Whether your ceremony and reception takes place indoors or outdoors, the warm summer weather, blooming flowers, gardens and water settings will make for gorgeous photographs and breath-taking backdrops. Hitch Without A Glitch would love to be part of coordinating your summer wedding! 

Happy Planning! ~Janet