5 Tips To Relieve Wedding Planning Stress

Weddings are amazing and simultaneously stressful. Your day-of wedding coordinator takes care of that stress and essentially takes the bulk of your responsibilities on wedding day so you don’t have to.

Now, with that said, planning the big day and taking care of everything leading up to that perfect day can be overwhelming. Let’s run through some quick tips that you can use to lower stress while planning your wedding.

Tip One: Give Yourself Enough Time

One of the best things that you can do is to give yourself enough time to plan. While your day-of wedding coordinator will take care of that perfect and special day, everything leading up to that day is on your plate. So, give yourself enough time to get it all done without having to rush.  

Don’t procrastinate; set yourself up with a strategy for success and a schedule to accomplish everything you need to in order to feel at ease on your wedding day.

Tip Two: Let Go of Responsibilities

Allowing a day-of wedding coordinator take over executing your plans can be scary. But, if you have someone that has experience, knowledge and your trust, it will be fine. In fact, letting others help you out along the way during your wedding planning can help out hugely to lower stress.

Tip Three: Allow Support

Having that support system that is willing to help you is essential. If a family member or friend asks to help, delegate a task and allow them to offer their support.

If you’re overwhelmed, ask your maid of honor to gather all the bridesmaids and knock out some of those Pinterest projects like assembling favors or centerpiece creation.  The more you delegate to others, the less stress you will feel. 

Tip Four: Organization

Have a plan...I cannot stress that enough. Just winging it will never work out. Have the following items to keep organized; a binder with divided sections for vendor contracts, a calendar with payment deadlines marked and set reminder ticklers set in your email calendar.

Tip Five: Hire a Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Enjoy your wedding day and be free from the stress the day can bring. Hitch Without A Glitch will be happy to assist with this valuable tip! 

Happy Planning! ~Janet