5 Favorite Cocktail Hour Entertainment Ideas

The hour between the wedding ceremony and the reception is called the "cocktail hour" (or in the case of a dry wedding, social hour). This time period is basically a stall tactic for the happy couple to get their wedding portraits taken before the start of the reception. Given the bride and groom will be busy it's important to provide entertainment to the guests to keep them occupied and socializing. Besides the necessities of appetizers and beverages, adding fun elements to keep guests involved will make this hour memorable and keep them happy until your photos are complete.

Here are Hitch Without A Glitch top five favorite ideas of entertainment during the wedding cocktail hour. 


What better way to get your guests actively involved than to provide lawn games for them to play. There are many options to choose ranging from bocce ball to giant chess. These games will be sure to get your guests up and moving. 


Nothing adds laughter than providing a photo booth complete with fun props for guests to model and get snaps taken. In substitution or addition, you can set-up a video booth for guests to give advice to the happy couple, sing their favorite song or share a fun story about the couple. Either way you go, they are great party starting pastimes. 


For those guests who enjoy the more strategic thinking games, word games like crossword puzzles and mad libs (in this case called "wed libs") are a great option. With a quick internet search, you'll find websites that will create personalized crossword puzzles and other word games that will be sure to entertain your guests. 


Guests love mementos they can take home to serve as a reminder of the wedding. There's no better party favor than a caricature rendering of themselves. It's fun to see yourself in a cartoon version and serves as a great keepsake.


Sharing interesting stories and fun facts about the bride and groom are always well received by guests. It's a great way for the bride's family to get to know more about the groom and vice versa. It can be incorporated in many ways; either listed in the program, placed as folded tents on the tables, create out of the ordinary table numbers, signature drink descriptions and on and on. Don't be afraid to share a little about yourselves so your guests feel more connected. 

Hitch Without A Glitch would love to help you implement whatever fun cocktail hour entertainment idea you create. 

Happy Planning! ~Janet